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Making self-driving cars more human 

What will people need and want from self-driving cars in 3 years’ time?


To encourage our client’s engineering team to think about future consumers’ expectations of semi-autonomous cars, we defined what people would need and want from self-driving cars in 3 years’ time.


We conducted remote ethnography across three continents and interviewed experts in robotics, consumer psychology, future of work and automation. We used the research to create future personas and co-create future scenarios with users and experts, bringing to life what people will want and need from self driving cars. We also defined the future forces shaping behaviours and attitudes toward self-driving cars. We produced design tools (future personas, scenarios and future forces) that our client began using to help guide the design and engineering in a more user-centred way.

What next?

The personas were so useful that other teams are using them to guide design and engineering decisions. 

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