Our robust methodology, composed of futures thinking and design thinking, equips clients with the practical toolkit they need to create the products and services of tomorrow.

Our Methods

Futures research

Why: Futures thinking mitigates the risks of innovation.

Our edge: We tell compelling human stories with striking visuals so clients can vividly picture the future.

Our expertise: Trends forecasting, horizon scanning, future personas, scenario planning, expert & extreme user interviews.

Why: When coached in the right skills and mind-set, everyone can excel at solving problems and collaborating.

Our edge: We are trainers, but we're also design-thinking practitioners who've designed and delivered bespoke programmes for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

Our expertise: Bespoke training programmes, 2-hour to 2-day workshops, taster workshops, remote coaching, remote hackathons.

Innovation training

and coaching

Culture change

Why: To transform organisations into agile and innovative trendsetters with a competitive edge, it's imperative to understand employees' unmet needs.

Our edge: We use human-centred design and futures thinking methods to uncover unmet needs, explore team dynamics and look at company culture. These insights point to what’s blocking change, and from there we create an aspirational yet practical roadmap to remove the blocks and transform the culture.

Our expertise: Organisational vision and values, organisational operating systems, best-in-class practices to enhance innovation.

Human-centred research

Why: By thoroughly understanding human behaviour, we pinpoint new opportunities to innovate.

Our edge: We equip our clients with an innovative and versatile toolkit they can use independently.

Our expertise: Ethnographic and qualitative research, interviews, questionnaires, personas, concept testing & co-creation sessions, mobile ethnography (diary studies).

Innovation strategy

Why: Planning how, what and when to innovate gives companies the dynamism they need to survive in today’s age of acceleration.

Our edge: By carefully balancing outside forces with the needs, desires and contexts of key stakeholders (including the user), we design plans that fit with the market, organisation and brand.

Our expertise: Innovation roadmaps and pipelines, product visioning.