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We run a range of webinars covering innovation and human-centered design.
Get in touch to learn more. 


Quick Introduction to Design Thinking

Learn what Design Thinking is (methods, mindset, process), how other companies are succeeding with Design Thinking, and the risks of not taking a Design Thinking approach


Introduction to Innovation

Learn what Innovation is, the different types of innovation, and why innovating is important for success.


Storytelling for Scientists

Learn the science of good communication and top tips for communicating technical and scientific insights to a non-technical audience


Visual Storytelling with PechaKucha

Learn what PechaKucha is and how to incorporate elements of storytelling into your PechaKucha to create compact, compelling, high-visually presentations


The Neuroscience of Creativity

Learn how findings from neuroscience can boost creativity and innovation


Idea Generation

Learn the pitfalls of traditional brainstorming and alternative methods for sparking divergent and convergent ideas


Prioritising like a Pro

Learn ways for prioritising projects, data, ideas, etc. using  different tools



Learn what Problem-Framing is, why  it’s important, what the benefits are, and examples of different kinds of problem-framing tools and exercises

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