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We run a range of courses, online and in-person (when permitted), that teach people practical skills in innovation and human-centerd design. Get in touch to learn more. 

Innovate Like a Pro, with Our Design Thinking Course

Our 1-day, in-person Design Thinking course equips people with a powerful toolkit to approach problems from a fresh perspective.

Innovating under Pressure

Learn how to generate  a range of innovative ideas quickly, and prioritise and communicate them using alternatives to traditional brainstorming. 


Innovating for People

Learn how to visualise and empathise with the people who’ll be using your innovations, now and in the future, using design-thinking methods.


Design Thinking for Effective Communications

Learn how to use Design Thinking mindset and methods to design and deliver effective and engaging communications.


Solving the Right Problem

Learn how to explore a problem space to ensure the focus is on the right problem, as well as how to interrogate a problem description and create clear and concise problem statements. 

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